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Our Roots

Omnivore Meats journey began in 2018 with the increased awareness toward environmental sustainability and better nutrition in our food. We're on a mission to create a transparent food system that's delicious, nutritious, and sustainable for everyone to enjoy.

Creating A Better Way To Meat

We work with regenerative beef farmers in Washington and Oregon to create a ground beef that's blended with vegetables, that way we can improve the taste, nutrition, and sustainability of the beef that we eat.

Our vegetables are sourced from the places that they grow best so we can support a variety of crops- not just corn, wheat, or soy.

grass fed and grass finished beef from washington and oregon. this beef cattle is from pat n tams beef
Walker Alvey and Gabriella St.George

Our Founders

Meet Gabriella & Walker, the chefs behind Omnivore Meats' deliciousness. Professionally trained chefs from The Culinary Institute of America who know good food.

People Are Talking

"Hands down Omnivore Beef is the greatest new entry into the world follow blended beef."- Restauranteur, Ann So

"Three year old approved!" - Donald Wilcox, Wilcox Farms

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