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Our Story

Our Story


As professional chefs trained by The Culinary Institute of America, we know good food. Equipped with an immense knowledge of what makes food delicious and a deep understanding of food science, nutrition, and sustainable food production, we were extremely excited to make a big impact that could ensure good food for generations. Carving out our place in the meat industry came with many challenges, but we’re grateful to share our vision and products with you and the world.

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The story of ethical and sustainable animal agriculture is a story rarely told, but it is possible to produce meats that indeed benefit their environment as much as they nourish our bodies. Still, it is true that meat production is a resource intensive process. Choosing better meat and cutting back while eating a plant forward diet is a great way to diversify the nutritional value of our bodies and make a positive impact on the environment. Many of us are aiming to reduce our meat consumption for a variety of reasons but don’t necessarily want to cut it out completely. Thankfully, you found us!


We crafted a perfect blend of pasture raised meats and fresh veggies that satisfy your cravings for wholesome foods. Our products were created to be as versatile as their 100% meat counterparts and even more delicious! Whether you’d like to use it as an alternative in your favorite recipes or spice up a dish with our seasoned blends (coming soon) we believe you’ll feel empowered by the good nature that goes into every single one of our creations. 


grass fed and grass finished beef from washington and oregon. this beef cattle is from pat n tams beef

Pat-n-Tam's Beef, OR

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Harlow Cattle Co Washington State Grass fed grass finished beef

Harlow Cattle Company, WA

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